Student Life

Student life is one of the most memorable phases of a person’s life. The phase of student life builds thefoundation of our life. In this phase, we learn to grow emotionally, physically , philosophically as well associally.Motto of Student’s Life:“It’s not about perfect. It’s about […]


We all might have often heard our parents sharing their childhood stories and telling ushow different their schooling system used to be compared to us. From traditionalclassroom teaching methods to E-learning and the rise of Ed-tech start-ups hasdisrupted the Education sector.Moreover, the pandemic has accelerated […]

ब्लॉग किस किषय पर बनाये

ब्लोकगिंग शुरू िरनेिी इच्छा रखनेिालेलोग अक्सर इस दकुिधा मेंफिंस जातेहैंिी अपना ब्लॉग किस किषय पर बनाये. ब्लोकगिंग िेकलए सही किषय िा चनुाि िरना उनिेकलए एि जकिल पररकथिकत होती ह.ैशरुुआत मेंऐसा सबिेसाि होता ह, ैक्योंकि ब्लोकगिंग िेकलए िोई एि अच्छा किषय चनुना िोई आसान िाम नहीं […]


I always wonders why despite some changes progress and development in gender equality, we as asociety still hold narrow views towards anyone who is not a cis- het man?We are brought up with several ideas about gender identity, the ” appropriate” way of performinggender rules […]

Promoting 21st century education

For promoting 21st century education our schools needs to work more effectively on ICT ineducation. With the introduction of smart classes in our schools we need to move forward withthis idea of techno-teaching, students these days are having more access to technology in theirhomes and […]

The healing power of Music

Music is an art of expressing ideas and emotions in beautiful forms like rhythm, melody, tones,harmony, humming, etc. music is a feeling which is loved by everyone. There is always music presentrelating to your mood. Music needs not be worldly to affect your mind but […]


HEALTH:Health, according to the worldhealth organization, is “a state ofcomplete physical, mental and socialwell-being and not merely theabsence of disease and infirmity”.As today’s youth is engulfed intechnology we often push our healthaside, even as adults we often seeourselves consuming take outsrather than homemade food.As easy […]

Blog on Science in daily life

Science is one of humankind’s blessings. It has had a significant part in enhancing the standardof living of mankind. In every aspect of our lives, science is omnipresent and omnipotent.Science is the main protagonist in every part of our lives.Science is a systematic and logical […]