Sports Facilities


Outdoor Sports Facilities
The Outdoor Sports Arena of the school has professional-grade sports areas such as Basket Ball court, Volleyball court, and Football Ground. These facilities provide students with the most authentic experience of playing the sport. Professional and highly qualified coaches and state-of-the-art equipment help students hone their skills to participate in state- and national-level competitions.

Indoor Sports Facilities
The Indoor Sports Arena provides students with equipment for sports like Table Tennis, Carrom Board, Chess, Yoga, Aerobics, and so on. The school lays special stress on sports activities that make a child focused and disciplined.

  • Kindergarten Play Area

The school has an engaging and stimulating play area for Kindergarten students. These play areas have safe and world-class equipment that provide the little ones with a rich learning atmosphere, where they can learn life skills and team building in the play-way method.

Our Indoor Play Area provides ample space to students to ride tricycles, play ball, and run and play with their friends. Also, the play area of our kindergarten is well-equipped with two-way rockers, coupe cars, slides, ball pool, tunnels, and soft toys. Pretend play toys in the indoor play area help students to experiment with social and emotional roles in life. 

The outdoor play area of the kindergarten is well-equipped with slides, swing, and see-saw where students enjoy in the natural environment. Outdoor activities like running, jumping, and skipping help in developing gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Playing both indoors and outdoors enhances social, emotional, and intellectual abilities. Students learn problem-solving and other life skills while playing individually and in groups. The play facilitators are proactive and highly vigilant with the little ones to ensure that they are safe at all the times. The kids are supervised when they use the play equipment.

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