At GIS, the arts (arts, drama, music, motion) have always been an integrated part of our curriculum. We weave the arts into our core class curricula in addition to teach particular creative abilities and capabilities. Each morning, every class starts the day with a "Get Well" conversation about subjects such as appreciation, being a peacemaker, and getting sufficient sleep. Breathing, yoga-based motion, and a conscious meditation follow, helping students bring their attention and preparing them for organizing their schedule. We use educational competence as the main need for student success. Research study recommends that yoga may improve attention and memory and relieve scholastic tension. Yoga's natural capability to live and stop the psychological rant minimizes tension and stress and anxiety, showing extensive return in every sphere of life. Students are stressed out people, eager to exceed themselves, and show their value on every opportunity they get. Yoga helps them to handle their tension and revive some assurance. Those who frequently practice yoga not just report lower levels of tension and stress and anxiety and consequently improved scholastic efficiency. Yoga helps to improve the memory function in both kids and grownups, direct advantage of which would be a much better academic efficiency in kids. It also helps to improve a child's attention period and focus. Yoga help kids who have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) as well by minimizing its core signs such as hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and impulsivity. The practice of different asanas regularly causes correction of posture, boosts versatility, and enhances stability as it brings balance to the entire body. This is among the remarkable advantages of yoga in schools. Mindfulness allows the student to end up being less distressed and more unwinded. Kids can end up being more conscious, using amusing and innovative visualization strategies. This is among the incredible advantages of yoga in schools. Being a diverse international school, we promote recovery from the within instead of looking excellent on the exterior. We teach students how to appreciate and like their own bodies-- an important message for kids who are continuously marketed with distorted body image concepts on social media. With self-love, comes self-care and yoga can teach these values at an extremely young age. The kids find out to be comfy in their own skin and support it well. This is among the fantastic advantages of yoga in schools. With self-mastery, a student can keep his/her anger in check and make logical choices when needed. If a young student can find self-discipline at a young age, undoubtedly, no door can ever be closed for him or her.


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