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Physics Lab

Physics is an incredible science that spans everything from the amazingly small subatomic particles to the unbelievably large universe! 
Physics provides the background, explanation and understanding for biology, chemistry, and engineering.
GIS Kablana Physics lab consists of a wide range of physics lab equipments to perform a number of experiments which includes items scales, lenses, magnets, balls, pendulums inclined planes, voltammeter, potentiometer, ; electromagnets etc. to conduct the most basic to the latest state-of-the-art experiments etc

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry lab teaches general and introductory chemistry through the lab experiments.
A chemistry lab assists students in organizing, carrying out, and documenting various lab experiments. Our Chemistry lab is equipped with a wide range of lab equipments to perform a number of experiments which consists of glass beakers, Analytical Balance, Kipps Apparatus, Digital Balance, Micro kits and various chemicals etc.

Biology Lab

Biology is a study of life -- life in all of its grandeur. It is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin and evolution.
GIS Kablana has a biology lab equipped with Human Skull, Compound Microscope, Specimen, Test-tubes, 3-D models, charts etc.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics Laboratory is a place where students can learn, explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activity kits, Vedic/Lab Manual, Abacus tool  and Models etc.
These activities are carried out by the students to explore, to learn, to stimulate interest and develop favorable attitude towards mathematics. The laboratory provides opportunity to exhibit the 

relatedness of mathematical concepts with everyday life.GIS Kablana offers a fully equipped mathematics lab to build interest and confidence in the learning of the subject.

Computer Lab

GIS Kablana conforms to techno-savvy learning, Hence it has always been an initiative to introduce to  GISK students  to computer play with the choicest of  keyboarding, alphabets, latest softwares, programming languages etc.
State of the art IT Centre coupled with Learning Resources Center facilitates the familiarization process of the GISK to the world of computers. There is One computer labs, AV labs with the facility of individual access to the computer to every student.


We at GIS Kablana School have a good collection of books covering a wide range of subjects & topics that cater to the academic & intellectual needs of our students.  A special section of reference books, encyclopedias & updated dictionaries are available all the time during school hours for the students & teachers.  A wide range of latest journals & leading newspapers enables regular & avid readers – both among teachers & students to keep abreast with the events happening across the globe.

Sports Facility

GIS Kablana provides tremendous facility for Outdoor and indoor sports like 

  • Volleyball, badminton , Kho-Kho etc and indoor sports like chess are also available in our school. 
  • Provides special training of sport in morning and evening. 
  • Provides Academic coaching after school. 
  • Full time qualified instructor for all game.


CCTV Surveillance

The whole school building and entire campus , parking area, playgrounds, classrooms, labs, activity room all are under CCTV Surveillance to ensure the safety & security of students and staff.

School ERP (Skolaro login)

All school related academic and administrative functioning is managed by the School Software ( SKOLARO). All students and parents are given their login IDs and passwords.  The parents can check their child related feedback from anywhere by logging on school ERP. Similarly,. The students can also check important information like their Time- Table, result etc from anywhere anytime.


Transport Facility

The School has a fleet of 10 buses plying in the radius of 25 kilometers, manned by trained and experienced drivers and conductors and supervised by the transport in charge. Every bus has a teacher in charge to look after the discipline and well being of the children in the bus and lady attended.

Each bus is equipped with CCTV and GPRS to ensure child's safety.


Medical Facility

Ganga International School, Kablana has the facility of providing medical - aid to the students. Whenever a student faces any health problem like fever headache, stomach ache, injuries etc. The first aid team of school comprising of four medically trained teachers immediately provides the first aid to the students to avoid any further injuries. In case of emergencies the teacher calls a doctor in the school and in case of serious condition school provides transport facility to the student and teacher to the hospital. The school also provides workshop and seminar facility so that first- aid in charges update their knowledge to serve in better way. 


Safe Water & Sanitation

RO treated filtered drinking water provided to students on all floors. 

There is a separate washroom for boys / girls and Male/ Female staff on each floor.

Canteen....coming soon