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Student's Code of Conduct

Code of conduct for students
Students of Ganga International School are expected to abide by the code of conduct as laid down by the school; as our education being value-based and value-oriented for the overall development of the child.

1. Desirable Qualities
  • Arrival in proper school uniform
  • Every child must wear school I.D card.
  • Honesty and truthfulness in actions and behaviour
  • Sensitivity towards others and environment
  • Respect for elders, teachers, guests, fellow students and school property
  • Attitude for helpfulness and co-operation
  • No discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, community or colour

2. Our expectations
    • Punctuality / regularity
      - arrival in school
      - attending classes
      - doing assignments

  • No fighting and bullying
  • Silence and discipline in the school campus
  • Ganga International School being an English Medium School, it is mandatory for the students to speak in English.

3. Examination
  • No leave will be allowed except a genuine medical reason for which student has to produce a valid medical certificate in original from a qualified doctor.
  • No exam will be conducted for leave without intimation.

4. Some don'ts
    • Don't damage the school property.
    • Don't enter the following without permission-
      - Principal's Office
      - Accounts Room
      - Manager's Office
      - School Office
      - Any other place where you are not required.

  • Don't misbehave with your peers.
  • No fighting and bullying
  • No running or playing or shouting inside the School building
  • Exchange of articles amongst students is not allowed.
  • Mobile phones and other electrical/electronics items are strictly prohibited.

5. Consequences
  • Any in disciplinary act will lead to a warning.
  • If a student plays truant, he/she will be warned once.
  • Second repetition of act will leave to the issue of yellow card.
  • Further repetition will lead to an issue of red card and suspension (no. of days depending upon the seriousness of offence).
  • Repeated suspension will result in expulsion.
  • Actions of appreciation and repute will result in awards and recognition.
  • Repeated usage of foul language leads to Suspension. Fighting, bullying and physical violence is totally unacceptable. Initial warning will be followed by suspension. Repeated defaults will result in expulsion.
  • Possession of objectionable literature/ items/ articles will result in suspension. Repeated suspension will result in expulsion.

Bus rules for student
  • Children are required to avail only the bus route offered by the school authority.
  • They cannot change their bus route on there own accord.
  • Children are required not to damage the bus property in any form defaulters will be fined to compensate the loss.
  • Use of foul language is totally banned inside the bus.
  • Senior bus students are expected to take care of juniors in the bus.
  • The bus monitors and the bus duty teachers are requested to take proper care of students inside the bus & report any misbehavior or any mishappening to the principal immediately.

Diary rules for students
  • A Child must bring his/her diary every day to school.
  • Regularity in noting down the home work & important notes given by the teachers.
  • The children must fill the personal memorandum in complete state.
  • Medical record given in the diary must be filed by the parents
  • Parents must follow the communication made from school through diaries.

System of suspension (for teachers)
  • All the staff members are required to follow the code of conduct setup by the school.
  • In case of any breach in this regard or any complaint by coordinators/senior teacher which are brought in notice of Principal in written format; after the due consideration of the case a verbal warning or a written memo (as the seriousness of the case might be) will be issued.
  • The concerned staff member is required to answer the said notice in a period of 72 hrs from the date of issue.
  • 3 memos may lead to termination from the job.
  • The staff members must clear all dues and handover the charge before being relieved.