April 2017

  • Welcome party
  • Bottle cap printing SUNFLOWER
  • (Yellow colour day)
  • Frog race
  • Grapes making with clay.

May 2017

  • Leaf printing (Green colour day)
  • Colour the mango with ear bud impression
  • (Colouring competition)
  • Healthy food day.(bring chapatti, rice, curd, vegetables  for lunch)

July 2017

  • Cotton impression in STRAWERRY
  • (Red colour day)
  • Show and tell the good habits pictures.
  • English poem recitation
  • Cotton pasting in rabbit. (White Colour Day)

August 2017

  • Introduction your self
  • Fancy dress competition
  • (independence day)
  • Rakhi making competition
  • Making fruit chaat (Fruit Day)

September 2017

  • Write the letters done in class.
  • (English calligraphy)
  • Teachers day(card making)
  • Hindi poem recitation

October 2017

  • Thumb impression in cloud (Blue Colour Day)
  • Diya and candle making decoration (Diwali celebration)
  • Mask of ravana and sword making with foil paper (Dusshera celebration
  • Letters done in class (Hindi calligraphy)

November 2017

  • Spray painting in ROSE with brush
  • (Children’s day celebration)
  • Colouring the black colour object (Black Colour Day)
  • English rhyme recitation
  • Demo of Table Manners (Bring spoon, bowls, hanky)

December 2017

  • Tearing and pasting in ORANGE FRUIT.
  • (Orange colour day)
  • Decorate the Christmas tree (Bell and santa)
  • Christmas Day celebration
  • English story narration (Thirsty Crow)

January 2018

  • Card making with vegetable printing (ladyfinger, onion)
  • (New year celebration)
  • Republic day (Flag making day)
  • Picnic Activity (Student lunch in garden)

February 2018

  • Paper folding of LOTUS (Pink colour day)
  • Pick and run race (Students pick the balls)


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